The Kambula Pride

The last six months or so here at MalaMala Game Reserve have proven to be a rather tempestuous time with regard to the fascinating lion dynamics taking place on the property.

A MalaMala Story

Behind the smiling faces that helpfully engage with guests in Main Camp’s reception area is a frequently used door. Behind said door are several offices and a boardroom, mostly occupied by senior management; it’s the proverbial ‘belly of the beast’.

The Piccadilly female treats us to a hunting masterclass

With the Manyeleti River flowing again for the first time in two years, a pool of water had accumulated around a large set of granite rocks. At that point, the southern bank of the river is adorned with large trees within lush thickets while the northern bank is a steep and rocky cliff face on top of which grows a stand of euphorbias.

Sayonara Sudan

The world was recently captivated by the death of Sudan, the last male northern white rhino. At 45 years old, Sudan was elderly for his species and passed of age-related complications in Kenya.

To be a ranger (part 2)

“What does it take to become a ranger?” A question that’s often asked. Last month we spoke about the initial steps one has to take on the journey to becoming a ranger.

Experience personified

When the phone rang one day in early 2000, Michael had no idea that he was about to get something he’d wanted for a while… a chance to work at MalaMala. He’d spent 15 years as the restaurant manager at the Edward Hotel in Durban before moving to a French restaurant in the same city.

The Sand River

For 25 picturesque kilometers this precious liquid pathway flows through MalaMala Game Reserve. Along the way it nourishes and quenches an incredible array of flora and fauna as well as being home to 36 different species of fish.

Every dog has its day

Every dog has its day. However, for one particular Cape hunting dog, Thursday wasn’t the type of day referred to in the popular idiom. Whilst viewing 4 members of the Kambula pride and numerous elephants in the Sand River, a commotion was heard upstream.

The 'New' Sable Camp

The re-imagination of MalaMala is progressing well, with the completion of phase 1, and we’re delighted to share the first “official” images of the new-look Sable Camp with you.