The rates are quoted in US dollars, but rates are also shown in South African rands using the current rate of exchange (updated hourly).

  • The rates reflected on the reservation confirmation voucher will be in US dollars.
  • On confirmation of the reservation you may request that the reservation be converted to South African rands at the current rate of exchange. This rate of exchange then becomes binding on both parties until final payment is made at this exchange rate. The conversion to South African rands only applies to reservations within a six-month period prior to travel
  • Payment may be made in US dollars via electronic funds transfer (EFT) into our US dollar account in South Africa. Alternatively, payment may be made in South African rand (ZAR) via EFT or credit card at the rate of exchange (as supplied by First National Bank) on the day of payment. The USD amount reflected on your credit card statement may be marginally different from the amount quoted on the confirmation voucher due to bank delays in processing the payment.
  • A compulsory per person per day community levy is applicable as reflected on the confirmation voucher.