Prints For Purpose

A dedicated group of professional photographers and friends of MalaMala have donated wildlife photographs, all captured on MalaMala Game Reserve to be sold as a ‘limited edition’ photographs to assist us in raising funds to support our critical community projects and to continue the invaluable work being done by the anti-poaching teams. All proceeds will be shared equally between the community projects and the anti-poaching / conservation initiatives.

The limited edition, signed prints will be printed on Ilford Galerie Prestige Fine Art Paper, 30 x 45cm (A3), with the signature of the photographer on the lower right hand corner of the print.

The cost of the prints is US$ 200.00 per print including packaging and courier delivery.

Each image is uniquely numbered. Please complete the below form and process the relevant payment through the Paypal link below the form.

We will acknowledge your order and advise you as soon as the prints have been dispatched and the estimated arrival date.


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