Guests with Disabilities

MalaMala prides itself on being one of the few safari destinations able to offer a universally accessible suite – designed in accordance with the Disabled People’s Information Service of South Africa and in line with international standards. Game drives are conducted safely in a suitably equipped Land Rover.

  • Master bedroom with two en-suite bathrooms and an additional universally accessible bathroom that is able to comfortably accommodate guests who use wheelchairs. This includes a wheel-in shower with all the necessary fittings
  • Desk/table surfaces specifically adjusted to the correct level at which a wheelchair is positioned
  • No loose rugs/carpets that will impede the movement of a wheelchair
  • A separate lounge area that can be converted into a bedroom should a disabled guest require assistance from an accompanying nurse/aid
  • Ramp entrance to the room
  • 24-hour temperature control
  • Elevated deck overlooking the bush
    Ramp to the vehicle housing

Our Land Rovers are disability-friendly and cater for a wide range of needs. A ramp in camp is provided for wheelchairs leading up to the front seat next to the ranger. On the seat, necessary cushions, blankets and straps can be provided.

Travelling to MalaMala