The Big Five

An update on the Ndhzenga males

Some time has passed since we have written a blog on the Ndhzenga males, the coalition dominant across the majority of MalaMala. What started as a coalition of four has been whittled down to a team of two.

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Lion with mouth open

The return of the Gowrie male?

On the 14th of December, we posted a blog detailing the end of the Gowrie male’s era on MalaMala. With time, our conjectures became accepted; the older Gowrie male had passed away, and the younger one was coming under pressure from the likes of the Ndhzenga males.

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Leopard cub

The Island female: a mom again!

At MalaMala our leopard statistics speak for themselves. In April alone, we viewed 34 leopards in 117 sightings. Naturally, when one spends the amount of time that we do with the same leopards, one becomes invested. The Island female is one such individual.

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Safari lion sighting

Unknown coalition draws first blood

This morning, just as the sun greeted the savanna, an unknown coalition, seemingly hailing from Kruger, brought an insurrection against the Ndhzenga males. Before we give an account of what unfolded, we wish to set a disclaimer: this is a dynamic that is currently unfolding, and as a result, what we report is what we have observed and pieced together.

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Two leopard cubs

The cubs of the Emsagweni Female

The Emsagweni female leopard is one of MalaMala’s most iconic cats. Sporting one eye and frayed ears, this battle-axe of the bush holds a large territory in some of the more rocky and wooded parts of the reserve. Although sightings of her are not as frequent as some of our other beloved leopards, she remains a guest favourite because of her scrappy appearance and hardcore demeanour.

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Travelling to MalaMala