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A Cub Of The Teardrop Female In Ingwe Donga  By Ranger Johannes D Welman Jpg

Hope springs eternal

It is human nature to find fresh cause for optimism and to keep on believing despite the odds. A year of tragic losses within our leopard population left us reeling and desperately searching for that eternal spring called ‘hope’. While we were doing that, the leopards were getting on with life.

A Breeding Male Laying The Foundations Of A New Nest Right Next One From The Previous Season

An in-camp wildlife experience: Weavers

Birds. They’re some our planet’s finest builders, nature’s architects and engineers, crafting homes of spectacular design in every corner of the earth. Some are elegantly simple, others are surprisingly complex.

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The “Elephant Compression” debate

In our last blog on elephants we mentioned the pivotal role they play in facilitating ecological processes. But what happens when we suspect an overpopulation of these ‘industrial landscapers’? - The “Elephant compression” debate heats up.

The Kambula Pride Pushing Further East Across Malamala

The Kambula Pride

The last six months or so here at MalaMala Game Reserve have proven to be a rather tempestuous time with regard to the fascinating lion dynamics taking place on the property.

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Food for thought - Elephants

As a ranger I’ve often been asked which is my favourite animal. It’s not an easy question to answer. Looking through my photographic collection you’ll find that I definitely take more photos of leopards.


Photography: A Radiant Summer

The first rains fell at the end of October of last year signaling the beginning of the rainy season and ending the terrible drought. The drought was the worst we had experienced in almost three decades, but was brought to its knees in spectacular fashion by some of the most electrifying thunderstorms you can imagine.

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The MalaMala march

At 12:55 on Saturday the 8th of May2016 four MalaMala game rangers, Greg Baldwin, Matt Meyer, Theo York and myself, shuffled on blistered feet into the colourful pages of MalaMala Game Reserve history.