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Blog by professional photographer Max Waugh

I was fortunate to visit MalaMala twice during my South Africa trip, starting with a two day stay (my prize for winning the Photographer of the Year competition), and later a three day visit in early August, when I brought my photo tour group back to experience the wonders of the reserve.

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Guest's thoughts of MalaMala

I was a guest at MalaMala Main Camp in April 27th-30th of 2016 I had a unforgettable time! Joe was my ranger he is a great guide and ranger. Very respectful and knowledgeable towards wildlife. Always with a smile in a very profesional way.

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Sable, sable and more sable

Wild sable antelope numbers in South Africa are so low that they are on the verge of local extinction. Sable along with roan, tsessebe and eland form a group that has been coined ‘Kruger’s Rare Antelopes’. With that in mind our recent increase in sightings can, at the very least, be described as phenomenal, extraordinary and unforgettable.

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BIG 5 or cute cubs?

MalaMala is just about the best place for wildlife photography. You’ll almost get a guarantee to see the Big 5, and that’s within a day or two! So I keep coming back, and there is always something to see and photograph.