2 Photo by our guest Marius Coetzee

Anthropomorphism and the naming of animals

Anthropomorphism is a fancy word used to describe the practice of ascribing human characteristics to animal behaviour. All that being said, we do name our lions and leopards. But at MalaMala, the names are certainly not born out of anthropomorphism.

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Leopard update

In this blog we’ll focus on a ‘hotspot’ that has formed along 4kms of the Sand River and involves no fewer than 12 different leopards, well 15 if we include 3 cubs. It’s definitely a space to watch over the coming months!

1 The Gowrie males Photo by Ranger Gareth Nuttall Smith

Lions of MalaMala

With winter looming it should come as no surprise that the topic of lion dynamics is taking centre stage. We have already seen early signs of territorial shifts / takeovers and on top of that we have been seeing A LOT of lions recently. 83 different individuals were viewed on the reserve in April!


World Rhino Day

The 22 September is World Rhino Day and in 2020 we celebrate the “Five Rhino Species Forever” including both the African and Asian rhino species.

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MalaMala goes LIVE

Time flies… we are already 25 episodes into the 'Rangers in Isolation' series and it feels like we started yesterday. From the pristine bushveld of South Africa’s original private game reserve to the comfort of your living room, we have been able to share amazing sightings of the incredible wildlife at MalaMala!


Right place, right time

MalaMala Game Reserve prides itself on offering some of the best game viewing in the world. Many years were spent ‘acclimatising’ wildlife, particularly large predators, to the presence of our Land Rovers. As a result, our guests can now enjoy up-close-and-personal encounters with wild animals in their natural habitat.


Foster Families

Placing offspring in foster care is not limited to human society. Certain bird species, like cuckoos, have evolved to put their chicks up for adoption. The only difference being that the adoptive parents have no consent or knowledge about the agreement. This phenomenon is known as brood parasitism and several of these ‘free-loaders’ can be viewed on MalaMala Game Reserve.


It's in their eyes

While out on your next safari, take a closer look at the eyes of the animals you are viewing. Take note of the shape of the pupils. You may notice that lions have very different eyes to those of your cat at home. You’ll see that the pupils of a zebra are quite different to those of a crocodile. So, why the variation?


For the record

MalaMala Game Reserve is one of the few reserves on the continent that not only records what our guests are seeing on safari but also publishes those records. These numbers truly are remarkable yet MalaMala delivers them year after year. It’s all about the wildlife.