On the double!

By Ranger, Ranger Pieter van Wyk

A key part

of any bar experience is that welcoming presence behind the counter. At Rattray’s on MalaMala that presence comes in the form of Trevor Lazarus. With smoky-white hair and a wizened demeanor, Trevor oozes experience. His warm smile and infectious laugh make him easy to like. Of course, Trevor is there to pour drinks, but he’s also there to tell jokes, to lend an ear, and to provide amateur psychology services as all good barmen do. Whatever their particular asset or gimmick, a bartender has to relate to a customer. Trevor does this with charm, style and humor whilst providing first-rate customer service.

Trevor joined the MalaMala team towards the end of 2011. For 13 years he’d been working as a barman at the Royal Yacht Club in Durban. Indeed, Trevor has spent his whole career tending bars as well as serving tables in Durban and Cape Town. He is the father of ten, the grandfather of ten and the great-grandfather of four!

Ask Trevor what his favourite cocktails are and you’ll probably get the following answer; “A mimosa at breakfast. A Pimms at lunch and a Rumdum in the evening, on the double and with a dash of speed!”

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