The weigh-in

By Ranger, Ranger Pieter van Wyk

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Leopard resting

On Friday,

a stone throw away from Sable Camp, we experienced all the pre-fight drama one might expect before a world title clash between two heavyweight boxers. The contestants: the Inyathini male and the Senegal Bush male. In truth, they are more in the ‘middleweight’ class and neither has really earned the right to be headlining the main event.

Both leopards practically strolled into vacant territories left behind by much larger and more formidable males: the Treehouse male and the Airstrip male, both killed in their prime by lions. Normally the younger males would’ve had oust the incumbent by either out-intimidating them or by a fight, no-holds barred. The Inyathini male did go toe-to-toe with the Treehouse male once but he was found wanting. The prominent scar down is top lip, a reminder of that altercation. If the Treehouse male were still alive today he probably would’ve remained dominant for a few more years.

So, whom are bookies favouring? The Inyathini male is bigger and older than his rival. He’s also probably experienced more fights. The Senegal Bush male is smaller and younger but what he lacks in size he makes up for with attitude. He was actually the instigator during their confrontation on Friday.

The Inyathini male looked confident but at times almost appeared lackadaisical. The Senegal Bush male seemed more determined but perhaps, at this stage, a fight would see him biting off more than he can chew. After all, in nature, size does matter.

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