Highlights of the week

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August 11th.

The Eyrefield pride and both Matshapiri males were found with a buffalo kill in central Flockfield. 6 leopards: the Treehouse male is mating with a female leopard (Nkoveni) at our airstrip. The Accipter male was at West Street. The Kikilezi female and the DOKF 3:3 were viewed together with an impala kill- an unidentified young male also approached the area. Cape hunting dogs: a pack was seen in the south. A herd of buffalo and many elephants were viewed today as well as a honey badger.

August 10th. 2 lion sightings: the 2 lionesses from the Marthly pride and their cubs were joined at the buffalo kill by one of the Clarendon males. The Eyrefield pride and both Matshapiri males were hunting buffalo this evening. 2 leopards: the Island female has a bushbuck kill south and east of Main Camp. The DOKF 3:3 was viewed near Fred’s Tree. Cape hunting dogs: a pack was followed in the south and we watched them bring down a bushbuck. Many elephant herds were viewed as well as the herd of buffalo that was being tormented by the Eyrefield pride. The highlight of the day was witnessed by ranger Adi Stander… 2 African Fish Eagles killing a White-backed Night Heron and then fighting over the spoils. An incredibly unique sighting.


August 9th . With 27 lions seen in 5 different sightings, yesterday was a fitting way to go into International Lions Day: The big news of the day centered around the Marthly pride… The tailless lioness and the 4 sub adults have reunited and were seen just west of Main Camp- the other 2 lionesses and 6 cubs were found with a buffalo kill near Matumi Rocks- this was our first sighting of the 4 youngest cubs. The Fourways lionesses have reunited with their 4 cubs in eastern Flockfield. The youngest Eyrefield lioness is still mating with one of the Matshapiri males south of West Street Bridge. The other 2 Eyrefield lionesses and their 4 cubs were north of Styx Rocks. 2 leopards: the Island female was at Planks Pan and the Tamboti female was near our Airstrip. Many elephant herds were viewed as well as buffalo bulls.


August 8th. 4 lion sightings: 1 lioness and 6 cubs from the Styx pride were viewed in the north. The 2 Fourways lionesses were without their cubs in eastern Flockfield. 1 Matshapiri male and the youngest Eyrefield lioness are still mating near Styx Rocks. The other Matshapri male and the rest of the Eyrefield pride were near Piccadilly Road. 7 leopards: the Emsagweni female and her cub were seen at Emsagwen Open Area. The Island female was viewed in the Sand River south of Main Camp. The Tamboti female was also in the Sand River north of West Street Bridge. The Accipter male was seen south of the bridge. The DOKF 3:3 was viewed at Campbell Koppies. An unidentified female was spotted opposite Rattray’s Camp. Countless herds of elephants were seen as well as many buffalo bulls. A female ostrich was also viewed in Flockfield.


August 6th-7th. 6 lion sightings: the Eyrefield pride were viewed on all 3 days. On Saturday they were viewed with both Matshapiri males and on Sunday one of the males was mating with the youngest Eyrefield lioness. The Matshapiri males initially started the weekend with the Fourways pride when we found all 8 feeding off a buffalo kill in eastern Flockfield. The Marthly pride were finally seen again- they unsuccessfully hunted a hippo close to Main Camp today. 7 leopards: the Kikilezi female and her 2 were seen everyday. The Island female and Treehouse male were viewed mating yesterday and today. The Bicycle Crossing male was found on Saturday. The West Street male and the Tear Drop female were viewed in the south today- she made several flirtatious advances but the male was in no mood. Cape hunting dogs: the pack of three were found today. We also enjoyed several honey badgers, civets and ostrich sightings. Many buffalo as well as elephant herds were viewed.


August 5th . The Fourways pride were still around the eastern reaches of the Kapen river with the (now) very little remains of their kudu kill. The Emsagweni female leopard and her cub were spotted this morning, her youngster was left in a very picturesque drainage line as the female went off territorially patrolling into the evening. A young unidentified female leopard was viewed in the south too. An excellent day for buffalo bull and elephant viewing. Many large herds of elephant were seen along the banks of the Sand River, with many impressive bulls in tow. The final treat was a sighting of a very relaxed.

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