Highlights of the week

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May 29th.

2 lion sightings: the Eyrefield pride and the 2 Matshapiri males were on a buffalo kill at Lion Waterhole. 3 members of the Marthly pride were hunting impala south of Main Camp. 2 leopards: the Tamboti female was also just south of Main Camp and the DOKF 3:3 had an impala kill west of Campbell Koppies. A herd of 16 sable antelope were being chased around by a bull elephant. Many other elephants were viewed as well as 3 herds of buffalo.

May 28th. 5 lion sightings: the Fourways pride are still feeding off their buffalo kill. The 2 Clarendon males were found in Marthly. The lone Matshapiri lioness was at Buffalo Bush Dam. 1 of the Matshapiri males was opposite Rattray’s Camp. 2 unidentified young males were viewed in the south. 6 leopards: the Bicycle Crossing male was found just north of Rattray’s Camp this morning and then treated us to a lunch time parade as he moved south in front of camp and close to a large herd of elephants. The Kikilezi female and her 2 cubs were viewed along the lower reaches of the Mlowatho River. The DOKF 3:3 was also on that area. The West Street males was seen in south western Charleston. Cheetah: 1 cheetah was viewed in central Flockfield. Many elephant herds and buffalo. A serval was also seen this evening.


May 27th. 2 lion sightings: we watched the Fourways pride successfully bring down a buffalo this evening in eastern Flockfield. The 3 members of the Marthly pride were just south of Main Camp. 4 leopards: the Treehouse male and the Kikilezi female were in close proximity to each other in Piccadilly Triangle. The Island female was on the eastern bank of the Sand River east of Main Camp. 1 of the cubs of the Kikilezi female was seen at her den-site. A herd of 16 sable antelope drank in front of Rattray’s Camp. 3 herds of buffalo and many elephants were viewed as well.


May 25th. 2 lion sightings: the 5 members of the Marthly pride remained separated today despite the 2 ‘lost’ sub adults walking within 50m of the other 3. 6 leopards: the Tslebe Rocks male has moved deeper into the Airstrip males territory when the 2 fought near Lower Mlowathi Crossing the former came out on top- the Airstrip male seems fine despite clearly visible wounds. The Treehouse male was also seen nearby and he was literally on top of the den site of the Kikilezi female- 1 cub was viewed there later in the day. The cubs of the Emsagweni female were briefly seen near Emsagwen Waterhole. Cheetah: the 2 brothers were viewed at Clarendon Open Area. A herd of 16 sable antelope (including 2 youngsters and a huge bull) came to drink in front of Rattray’s Camp. Many elephant and buffalo sightings were recorded. A honey badger was also seen this evening.

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