Highlights of the week

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May 6th.

A MalaMala 7 day! 2 lion sightings: an unidentified male lion was seen in Piccadilly Triangle. 2 Styx lionesses were at Mlowathi Dam. 5 leopards: the DOKF 3:3 was seen on Stwise Koppie. The Kikilezi female was near Mlowathi Koppies. The Emsagwein female and her cubs were chased up a tree by a pack of 11 cape hunting dogs. 2 cheetah sightings: the 2 brothers were seen at Clarendon Dam late this afternoon. Another cheetah was found in Emsagwen Open Area with an impala kill. 2 cape hunting dog sightings: the aforementioned pack of 11 was seen as well as another pack of 3 was viewed close to Rattrays’s Camp. Many buffalo and elephant sightings.

May 5th. 4 lion sightings: 3 Styx lionesses were found with a giraffe kill west of Mlowathi Dam- later in the day 2 of the Gowrie males burst into the scene and had a brief but intense scrap over the meal before claiming it for themselves. The 2 Matshapiri males were in the Sand River in front of Rattray’s Camp. 1 young male (Nkahuma?) was viewed in front of Main Camp. 7 leopards: the Emsagweni female and her 2 cubs were still on their nyala kill from the previous day and were temporarily chased off by a herd of elephants. The Treehouse male and the Airstrip male were both just south of Main Camp but on opposite banks of the Sand River. The Island female was in Piccadilly Triangle. The Tamboti female was near Maxim’s Lookout and it’s possible that she has just given birth! A sable antelope bull was viewed at Matshapiri Dam. Many elephants and buffalo bulls were seen.


May 4th. 2 lion sightings: 2 unidentified young male lions were seen along Sibuye Drive in the south. The 2 Matshapiri males were at Sand Pit Crossing in the Sand River. 5 leopards: the Treehouse male is still feeding off the remains of a buffalo carcass south of Main Camp. The Emsagweni female and her 2 cubs are on a young nyala kill in the lower reaches of the Matshapiri River. The DOKF 3:3 north of Campbell Koppies. A large herd of buffalo was viewed at Clarendon and many elephants herds were seen as well.


May 3rd. 3 lion sightings: the Eyrefield pride had an interesting day- first we saw them being chased around by a buffalo bull and then later in the day one of the lionesses and a cub started stalking a honey badger- the badger had other ideas though and charged at the lions who promptly fled! The 2 Clarendon males were viewed in Marthly. The 2 Matshapiri males were still feeding off their stolen buffalo carcass this morning but had had their fill by the afternoon and moved into the Sand River. 3 leopards: the Treehouse male took advantage of what remained of the carcass that the male lions abandoned. The Kikilezi female was around Mlowathi Koppies and the Emsagweni female was near West Street Bridge. Many elephants and buffalo bulls were viewed today.


May 1st. 4 lion sightings: the Eyrefield pride and 1 of the Matshapiri males were at West Street. The other Matshapiri male was north of the Hogvaal Donga. 1 Gowrie male and 1 lactating Styx lioness were at the confluence of the Tslebe Rocks Donga and the Mlowathi River. The other 3 males were at Mlowathi Dam. 3 leopards: the Kikilezi female was hunting near Plank’s Pan. The Island female was south of Main Camp. The Bicycle Crossing male is on a kill south of Charleston North. Cape hunting dogs: the pack of 3 was found on Nyathi Road. 1 herd of buffalo was viewed as well as many elephant sightings.


April 30th. 4 lion sightings: the Eyrefield pride were found at Styx Rocks. 1 of the Matshapiri males was at West Street. 1 male (Nkahuma) spent the day in front of Main Camp. 2 unidentified males were viewed in the north east. 5 leopards: the Kikilezi female and her 2 very young cubs were at their den south of Lower Mlowathi Crossing. The Island female killed an impala south of Fred’s Tree. The DOKF 3:3 was viewed in Piccadilly Triangle. Many elephant and buffalo sightings were enjoyed today.

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