Highlights of the week

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April 1st

 A MalaMala 7 day! Lions: 3 young male lions (Talamati) were seen in the south. Leopards: the son of the Ostrich Koppies female is still feeding of an adult kudu carcass near Paddy’s Pools. An unidentified female was was hunting impala in south western Charleston. Cheetah: the 2 brothers were viewed at Clarendon Dam. Cape hunting dogs: we watched a pack kill an impala at Calabash Crossing. Many elephant and buffalo sightings.

March 31st. It was one of those rare days when no lions were viewed today but we did see 6 different leopards, cheetah and cape hunting dogs. Leopards: the son of the Ostrich Koppies female is on a adult female kudu kill. The Airstrip male is still feeding off his warthog kill. The Island female and DOKF 3:3 were around Piccadilly Triangle. Down south the West Street male was viewed in the presence of an unidentified female. Cheetah: 2 males were seen in the north east. Cape hunting dogs: a pack was seen near Flat Rocks. Many elephant and buffalo sightings.


March 30th. 3 lion sightings: 4 Gowrie males were at Senegal Bush. The 5th male was also viewed some ways to their north at Mlowathi Dam. The Matshapiri pride were all together again in the eastern parts of Flockfield. 4 leopards: the DOKF 2:2 had a brief run in with the 4 Gowrie males. The Island female was close to Main Camp. The Airstrip male has a warthog kill. The son of the Ostrich Koppies female was chased up a tree by 3 cape hunting dogs. A large herd of buffalo was viewed as well as many elephant sightings.


March 28th. 3 lion sightings: we followed the 2 Matshapiri males as they moved south and east across the central parts of MalaMala. The Marthly pride were in Piccadilly Triangle. The Fourways pride and all 4 cubs were seen in eastern Flockfield. 4 leopards: the Treehouse male treated us to an usual sighting as he tried in vain to pull a hippo carcass out of a pool. The Kikilezi female had a brief encounter with the Marthly pride. The Island female discovered a half eaten impala carcass that a pack of cape hunting dogs had killed earlier in the day. The DOKF 3:3 was also seen. A large herd of buffalo was viewed in the north as well as countless elephant sightings.


March 27th. 4 lion sightings: 2 Styx lionesses and 1 Gowrie male were in the north east close to a herd of 200 buffalo. The Marthly pride were hunting buffalo during lunch in front of Main Camp. The Fourways pride and their 4 cubs were in eastern Flockfield. 2 Eyrefield lionesses and 4 cubs were also viewed. 2 leopards: the Island female and the son of the Ostrich female were seen separately. Cape hunting dogs: a pack was seen along the northern reaches of the Matshapiri River. Many many many elephants were viewed today as well.


March 26th: Lions: the 2 Matshapiri males were found close to Main Camp this morning where they stole the Treehouse male leopard’s kill. The Fourways pride were seen again. Other leopards: the Bicycle Crossing male was viewed along the Kapen River baring battle scars- he has looked better.

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