Highlights of the week

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March 25th

Lions: the Charleston lioness and her two cubs were seen after a long absence- all 3 appear good and healthy. The Fourways pride and their 4 cubs were in eastern Flockfield with the 2 Matshapiri males. Leopards: the Accipiter male was viewed at Matshapiri Open Area. The Airstrip male and the DOKF 3:3 were also seen.

March 24th. Lions: the Eyrefield pride and their 4 cubs were with the 2 Matshapiri males north of Styx Waterhole. Leopards: the Airstrip male as well as both daughters of the Kikilezi female were all seen separately. Cape hunting dogs: the pack of 11 was viewed again. Scattered elephant and buffalo sightings.


March 23rd. Lions: the Styx pride made a welcome return back onto MalaMala- they were found near Mlowathi Dam but without their new cubs. The Fourways pride was viewed again today in eastern Flockfield with a buffalo kill. Leopards: The Airstrip male, Treehouse male and DOKF 3:3 were all seen separately. Cape hunting dogs: a pack of 11 was viewed and they made 2 impala kills. There were scattered elephant and buffalo sightings.


March 20th. Lions: one of the Matshapiri males was found in central Flockfield. Leopards: the son of the Ostrich female was at Pat’s Drift. Cheetah: a coalition of 2 males were viewed at Clarendon. A couple herds of elephants and buffalo bulls were seen as well.


March 19th. We received another much needed downpour of rain before lunch today- 16mm. Lions: the 3 Eyrefield lionesses and their 4 cubs were with both the Matshapiri males. The youngest lioness is mating with one of the males. Leopards: the Kikilezi female was seen as well as her daughter with the 3:3 spot pattern. The latter has fresh cuts on her side and rump. A small herd of buffalo was viewed as well as a couple herds of elephants.


March 17th. 4 lion sightings: the Matshapiri pride was seen- it’s been a while since we’ve viewed the 2 males and the female together. The 3 Eyrefield lionesses were with their 4 cubs and the Fourways lionesses were with theirs- both in Flockfield. The Marthly pride moved further south and east and are now at Matshapiri Open Area. 2 leopards: the DOKF 2:2 and the Kikilezi female were both viewed today. Cheetah: 2 males were hunting wildebeest in the north eastern parts of MalaMala. Many elephant and buffalo sightings.

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